20 Milltir yr Awr I Bawb – 20 mph for Wales

A number of papers, journals and websites are reporting that 20 mph limits could be introduced in Wales in all residential areas. In June 2018 campainers said that Wales was lagging behind England in the designation of 20 mph limits. We lag behind some European countries so they are a bit down.

Wales’ first minister stated the Welsh Government believe that 20mph should be the default speed limit for residential areas. Local authorities have to have discretion to retain 30mph zones on key arterial routes, but outside that, and in residential areas, they know that 20mph zones reduce speed of traffic, reduce accidents – particularly accidents to children, and they want to see that become the default position right across Wales,” he said.

Labour’s John Griffiths said there was cross-party support for a policy he felt had many benefits for society. “Older people will feel happier if they’re able to walk along the streets with 20mph limits in place and parents will feel much happier in enabling their young people to play outside,” he said. “It will enable active travel – walking and cycling – to a greater extent, so it has very, very many benefits, and I’m pleased that they’re now strongly recognised by Welsh Government. The power to set national speed limits was devolved to Wales last year.

Two councillors on the Isle of Thannet have launched a bid to have a default speed limit of 20mph in Ramsgate and Margate. Barry Lewis and Karen Constantin were due to bring the proposal up at the county council in March and said the measure could result in saved lives.

The movement for 20 mph zones seems to be growing such that it will be providing a lever to get the same in this village.

In March this year the Eastern Daily Times reported that 20 mph limits were to be introduced in another 100 streets in Norwich. Consultation on the measures was carried out last year and the the restrictions are now being introduced.