A Sunny Day and a Little Walk

Well it was a perfect day for walking. It was not too warm but warm enough to not wear a jumper. Just a tee shirt and shorts.

I am in two minds on which is the better walk to Ramsholt. Past Woodhall and along the flood defence wall or up Villa Hill and across the fields. The second allows a walk around the Church graveyard on the way to Ramsholt. The first allows the same walk around the graveyard but on the way back but by that time the first pint is calling. The Deben at Ramsholt was lovely yesterday and the coffee from the pub was perfect after the first part of the walk. The Church was looking very pretty.

I think I cannot make a choice so I will have to walk both until I can.

As soon as I pressed the shutter the herd of deer dissapeared over the field.