Weekend Almost Done

The Weekend of events at the Sorrel Horse are almost done. In fact just a quiet day today.

On Friday it seemed like most of the Village packed in for the Mulled Wine Competition and Carols. The village accordion player (no names on this site) led, what appeared to be, the whole of the assembled customers in a round of rousing Carols to get people in the Christmas mood. I gave the few that I knew a little warble. The Carols were followed by the Mulled Wine Competition with Villagers taking the first thee positions. I actually had some of the winner’s wine and whilst I will not be making mulled wine my weekend tipple, you could see why it was popular before the advent of central heating.

Saturday 7th December was the Village Christmas meal which followed the usual pattern; drink, food and a speech from the Village elder, if I can call him that. Around 40 people were in the dining room and I thought it was one of the best Christmas meals I have had. I could go into one of those naff restaurant reviews, ‘My companion and I…..’ but I will not. Turkey has never been top of my ‘Christmas’ food list. I can remember when Chicken was a treat and reserved only for Christmas. This was long before a certain Bernard, and others, industrialised the production of Turkeys. I believe that the majority now are grown free range. Turkey is now a Christmas staple and rather than just buying one with two legs and two wings you can order one by name. Not James or Martin, but Bronze, Buff and Norfolk Black to name a few. I though the meal was absolutely superb and a lot of my thanks goes to the Chefs, the staff who served us and of course the organisers.

A change this year was the completely recyclable Christmas crackers. No bang and no hat just a very pretty cracker with some sweets. Well done to the lady that made them. No names, but we know who you are and I do hope that they really catch on.

So in all a very good Village Christmas meal. My only question is; when you are so full to bursting, how is it you can still find room for the cracker sweeties?