The Return of the Motor Vehicle

A Covid-19 positive, if you can have such a thing, has been the reduction in the number of cars which travelled down The Street and surrounding roads. Unfortunately it has not taken long for the traffic to get back to levels which appear to have existed before lock down. There is some good news.

I have taken this from the 20’s Plenty For Us website.

In February 130 Road Safety Experts and Ministers adopted the Stockholm Declaration which requires 20 mph, or 30 kph, limits to be imposed wherever roads allow vulnerable road users and vehicles to mix. Throughout the conference reducing the speed of vehicles in the presence of people walking and cycling was referenced as a key intervention for reducing crashes. In particular, speed in urban and village areas was recognised as a key factor in collisions not being avoided, and casualty severity not being mitigated.

So whilst these 130 enlightened individuals are happy to support such schemes it seems out local roads authority are not so enlightened. As they suggested ‘perhaps we should no go there’. Or more to the point perhaps they would be happy for us to just give up and go away.