The Swan Still A Pub

Or it will be. I heard from one of the residents of Alderton, some time ago, that the Swan had been bought and would have been open but for some roofing work. They were so pleased it was not going to be turned into a dwelling which was one plan. I think that may have been partially true because the East Anglian Daily Times in an article said that the new owners from Beccles intend to open the pub in this order, accommodation, wet sales and then food.

This was followed by a post in the Facebook Page, ‘Save our Swan Alderton’, in which the new owners introduced themselves and gave a view of their intentions which is to open a traditional, simple pub for the Villagers. They will also be having a listening session. They are very much into 50’s Rock and Roll which will suit a lot of people around here and they are expecting some ‘Jive’ nights. Time to dust off the drape coat and brothel creepers.

I do wish them the very best and if they add traditional pub grub to their offerings then I will frequent but I will need to get someone to drive.