What a Difference

I went to the far North of Norfolk for a little break over the Bank Holiday weekend and two things amazed me, in addition to the lovely coastal towns and villages, and that was the number of 20 mph limits and amount of bunting and flags hanging out for the Jubilee. Nearly every pub we passed had bunting and a lot of home owners had made the effort to dress up their frontages.

The number of 20 mph limits were an eyeopener and it goes to show that when there is the will to make pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders safer then the local authorities, Parish, District and County can make a difference.

I do think that the Queen has been a wonderful Ruler over this Country for so many years and to see the effort that ordinary people made brought a tear to my eye. We arrived back in the Village soon enough to see the effort that our Village folk had made bunting wise. It was just the pub that was missing some bunting which I thought was a bit odd!