Village Archaeology Project

A contact from one villager has suggested that we set up a community archaeology project to look at the Pub Field. There are other sites around the village but the pub Field would be the first. Not sure of any cost that would be involved but the Suffolk Archaeological Field group is an amateur archaeological group and have investigated a number of sites across Suffolk. They use document research, field walking, metal detecting, geophysical surveys and small excavations. They invite contact if you think you have a site of interest.

This is an ancient landscape with Sutton Hoo not 4 miles away and a mention in the Doomsday book. The Pub Field sits above the creeks and would have been a perfect site to have part of a settlement.

It would be good to have a group to push this forward. If you want to join in the project then comment on this blog post and we will take it from there.

One thought on “Village Archaeology Project

  1. I think that’s a brilliant idea,I’ve have been a metal detector enthusiast for many years and would love to be involved with any archeological project.


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