A Little News

After about three hours without power the trees around the electricity wires by the telephone box were gone and revealed a nice sign indicating that there is a public telephone. Good luck to anyone trying to find a working telephone in there. I must admit that it has spread a bit of light to that part of the street.

The telephone box is looking like it could do with wash and brush up as a minimum with the windows given a good clean. Perhaps a set of villagers with a ladder mop and brush could do the honours. It does make that area a look a bit tatty.

I thought I remembered that the re-use of the box had been raised with the Parish Council some time ago but nothing happened. Who owns the box and what does it need to get it into some alternative use?

I did notice that the Sorrel Horse were finalists in the Suffolk Food and Drink awards. Well done to The Sorrel. I did try and find out from the EADT website who the winners were but it took so long to paint the webpage that I gave up and looked at the BBC.