Stop that Bird Singing!

Sometimes it is a little difficult not to think that when the bird outside my window stops me from getting that extra 30 minutes slumber. But then it is really so nice to hear. I was walking in an area near to this village and I heard a number of nightingales signing their little hearts out. It may me feel so good and I thought is there evidence that birdsong makes you happy? Of course there is!!!

In 2012 John Craven as a presenter on Country File reported that the University of Surrey were going to research into the effect of birdsong on our lives. That was to be a three year study starting in 2012. In 2018 the Telegraph reported that even short exposure to nature was hugely beneficial to our mood. This was research done by the Kings College London.

I think I will write a longer piece but I heard last night that it is International Dawn Chorus day on Sunday. It is always celebrated on the first Sunday of May. According to what I have found this celebration began in the 1980s when broadcaster and environmentalist Chris Baines asked everyone to attend his birthday party at 4am so they could enjoy the dawn chorus with him. It is now promoted by the Wildlife Trust.

If you are going to celebrate by setting your alarm very early then there must be a lot of places around this area to enjoy what to me has always been a wonderful event. It happens every day. A dawn chorus is forever not just for the first Sunday in May!