Game! Not Really!

You cannot walk very far on the Peninsula without seeing a gamebird. Pheasant or Partridge they appear on the lanes or roads and then after a little indecision on whether to go back or carry on they shoot back into cover or take flight.

Shooting on the Peninsula has been very much in fashion since Sir Cuthbert Quilter moved in and started planting woods to breed his game birds. If you listen to Will Grundy on the The Archers looking after game birds is not just about putting them in a wood and letting them grow. They require feeding, penning and energy for heating the eggs and hatchlings. You then need to keep the adult birds safe and fed. The game farms will not earn a penny from the bird until the guns arrive and provide the pay back.

I have read in one of the papers that game businesses are still allowed to import hatching eggs and chicks from the continent where the penning of game birds in bare cages by breeders is permitted. The practice is not allowed in this country and it seems wrong that the government allows these imports to go on. Eurotunnel is the last company to allow the imports. DFS, Brittany Ferries and P&O have all banned the imports on their ships.

Like or loathe game shooting you will no doubt agree that it is about time the Government stopped the imports by Eurotunnel and force all ‘shoots’ to source the eggs and hatchlings from the UK.