Floral Perambulation

Now, I was never one who has ever spent a lot of time in the garden. Well I once created a mower free front and back garden by laying a hell of a lot of weed control fabric and a couple of 2 tonne bags of pebbles. I spent a long time doing that. But apart from that I have always left the gardening to my other half.

I think my lack of love of gardening must go back to my early days when I was forced to take a daily bouquet of my dad’s Dahlias to school. Not sure that the teachers liked them that much and I had to hold them upside down to let the earwigs fall out on the walk to school. I cannot remember my old man ever spraying to get rid of the beasts but they certainly were prolific. I was not upset when he dug up the tubers and filled the garden with roses. He was a one flower man at a time so front and back, first the Dahlias and then the roses. Cannot recall if I had to take the roses to school but I suppose I had more dislike of the earwigs than thorns.

How things change. I still have a dislike of gardening but I will be on the Open Gardens walk this Sunday from 2 until 4 pm and will enjoy every minute. It is likely to be a very hot day so plenty of factor 50 and a bottle of water.