More Snippets


We recently posted an article about the melting of the Earth’s ice and the likely effect on our coastline. In The Times yesterday it was reporting that Antartica lost enough sea ice in the three years from 2014 to cover the whole of Mexico. This was after three decades of ice expansion. Mind you that expansion was not good news. The increase in the ice in the previous decades is thought to be as a result of meltwater from glaciers freezing when it reached the sea. The reduction in the ice is from 12.8 to 10.7 million square miles.

Watching the box set of Years and Years I saw Anne Reid say to her family that the problems that they were experiencing was their fault because they did nothing. A poignant point well made and although fiction has a message for us today. If we do nothing then it is our fault and we deserve what we get.

A lot which goes on in our villages and the country as a whole cannot be changed by us individually but as a group with a common purpose it is amazing what you can do. This has been demonstrated.


Why is it a few of our speed limit signs have adopted a lean. Is this a local thing. We have not seen this on other signs around the county. In fact if you look at these and the painted markings on the road then they could all do with a little TLC. Maybe it is the light sandy soil that allows the posts to move.

We understand that it is a requirement of the local authority (not sure if that means district or county council) to erect and maintain road signs. Erection seems to be fine but maintenance seems to be lacking!!

This is a terminal sign and should at least be readable at distance.
There is a lean on this one but it is not shown in this picture.
There is a repeater sign in there somewhere.
This slow sign on the road has seen better days.


Good to see the renovations are speeding on. We see they have shied away from Suffolk pink for the walls on the outside. Looking forward to our first pints once it is finished. We have some good pubs on the peninsula and all are within walking distance although some farther than others.