Post No Longer Leaning

You may have seen in a previous Article that there were a number of issues with speed signs in the Village. One of these was the sign as you come into Shottisham from the direction of Hollesley. It is in ’More Snippets’. We are pleased to say that the sign has been replaced and from what I have read this may have been done by the Parish Council. See the minutes of July 2019 on Suffolk Cloud. We also note the sign is actually the responsibility of the County Council. The fact that it may have been purchased from the Parish precept is perhaps a small matter when you consider the benefit of having a sign which is readable.

Not sure when the post was replaced, but it was after our blog which was published on 27 June. The picture capture was contemporaneous with the date of the article. It is perhaps interesting to note that the sign was discussed at the PC meeting in July. If the blog article prompted the discussion and the eventual replacement then we are more than happy.