A Few More Snippets

20 Is Plenty

A few snippets from one of our favourite websites.

Have a look at the page that the following will display,


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Interestingly the letter quotes the cost of £2.50 to £3.00 per resident for a 20 mph scheme. Not the ‘significant’ figure that we have been quoted by our roads authority. Mind you that was in a different area so I am not sure if that represented the residents of the whole area or just those that live along the line of road which abuts a 20 mph limit piece of carriageway,

An interesting fact that is quoted on the site’s home page. Over 20 million people live in areas where the local authority are adopting or have adopted a policy of 20 mph limits.

Ugh Plastic

A lot is being said about plastic ending up in the sea and yes it is a problem. It is often blamed on the individual householder. Let us not forget that a massive amount of plastic is used by farmers. Walking along a street near the village I took the following image.

This shows a piece of plastic sleeve which had been used to wrap around the trunk of a young bush/tree and which had broken off. It was quite brittle so it easily broke again when I picked it up. It is plastic and we are near the sea. What do you think the likelihood of pieces of these sleeves ending up in the sea. I did not count the number of bush trunks that have these sleeves or similar wrapped around them but there are many. Quite a worry.

Climate Summit

I see that the Climate Summit takes place in Madrid this week. I am not decrying climate protesters and it is for young people to get involved because it is their planet that we are killing. But….if I had pulled the faces that that Swedish child activist does to the worlds leaders I would have got clip ’round the ear.