Odds and Sods

Just a few bits.

Were you Game for Game

The Sorrel Horse, once again, thought up a new idea for a Buffet Night. ‘Game and Country’. I see from Facebook that this went down really well. They seem to have struck the right note once again.

We are coming up to the Chinese New Year Buffet on 25 January, and this is where my love of the Sorrel Horse Buffets started last year. It was fully booked then and I understand it is this year as well. 新年快乐

Fifty Percent Increase

I see that East Suffolk Councillors are to vote on increasing their expenses by 53%. They do not call it pay. I wonder what it is then. A Councillors role is not full time although the independent panel said that the role could not be considered as part time. I always thought that Councillors covered the role in addition to their ‘day jobs’. The panel also said the workload for Councillors had increased significantly, double in some cases, so 53% will be good value.

The independent panel also reported that some Councillors had to travel more, including some round trips of more than 4 hours. Where the hell are they going. Can you go anywhere within the East Suffolk area that takes over 2 hours there and 2 hours back?

The report will make interesting reading and should be available under transparency regulations. I will have a look and see if I can find it on their website.

Strange Light

Happened to look out the other morning and there was an unusual light. I am very used to some marvelous red skies in the evening but rarely do I see such a strange light in the early hours. Not sure that these pictures do it justice but I am loading them anyway.