Trust in ? Further Update

The Trust Hall may have a lot of little foibles; freezing in winter until the new heating was put in, dampish until the french drain was added, and on the edge of the village not in the heart but it is an asset to the village, not just the WI. I have attended many functions there and they are usually very good and well supported. I see that the Parish Council is discussing the future of the Trust Hall. Surely if there is a doubt about the future of the building it should be the village discussing it not the Parish Council in isolation.

We have received the under-noted comment from the Parish Council. Still fail to see why it was being discussed. From comments from other sources the WI at a national and local level is very strong.

This was not discussed as planned as there was an objection from the WI, what the Council intended to propose would not affect the WI as were it to happen the WI would have ceased existence.

We have received a further comment from a Parish Councillor

The PC was to discuss registering the building as an Asset of Community Value, which would give the village the right to buy the hall, should Shottisham WI fail and the hall revert to Ipswich WI, who would then be able to sell it if they wanted to. Nothing sinister and simply a backstop.

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