Tractors up your Track

Tractors are a huge part of this landscape. To me there is no better sight than a big four wheeler dragging a plough across a field making a precision line of furrows. I understand that it is all controlled by GPS but the arrow straight lines are a joy to behold and offer a fascination to me. Our local football team nicknamed ‘The Tractor Boys’ and you are often likely to find a tractor dealer in lieu of your Ford main dealer. However there are some downsides. At muck spreading time the smell which pervades the Village takes some getting used to and when they are transporting stuff from one farm to another the tractors, with trailers, often pass through the narrow roads of our village at some speed. There was a complaint on one of the Village WhatsApp sites yesterday about these Tractor Trailers running through the Village from 6 am. Fortunately one of Parishioners had a word with someone and the drivers were told to slow down.

We are all very grateful to the Villager for their timely action but is it not about time something permanent and official was done about speeding in this village and I am not just talking about these monster machines