Thanks, but to Whom?

This blog is entering its third year and when we started it we never thought that it would last too long. The number of visitors and views are very much more than we could have ever hoped for and we will give the numbers below. We are very happy that the blog has been so well received. There has been some negativity but that was expected and seems to relate to the opinions expressed in some posts. Some have even questioned the correctness of statements by quoting facts that are incorrect. We ‘fact check’ the information quoted in the blogs but we are happy to be corrected but not by misinformation. The numbers of ‘complaints’ have been minimal compared to the compliments so we are not losing sleep.

Here are some numbers. There have been a total of 1643 visits to the site. Blogs have been viewed 9859 times. These are some of the countries from where the visits have emanated, USA, Canada, France, Australia, Belgium and Denmark. We cannot see who is visiting the site so we have no one to thank!

We will continue with the blog for the time being because we have renewed the WordPress Account for a further 12 months but we may take the posts in another direction.