Ugain Milltir Yr Awr

The current Welsh Administration has never struck me as particularly enlightened, but then I am quite unaware of most things political. Oh I do vote but that is probably based on family allegiances, which is how I think most of us started our political thinking, rather than any in-depth analysis of the election manifestos. I would vote green but I am undecided if that would be a wasted vote, and there it is, my political indecision!

Despite the relaxed nature of my political awareness I do like to look at politician’s messages and information related to 20 mph speed limits. One of these is was the Welsh Government’s announcement that they have in their legislative priorities to implement 20 mph throughout Wales in this administration. If passed this will be the first nationwide implementation in the UK. They, the Welsh Government, say it will reduce the number of road-related deaths and will have an impact on wellbeing and the environment.

I say, when will the same enlightenment filter through to our National Government or our County Government who seem to be reluctant to implement this measure which will reduce accidents in 30 mph areas, which made up 52% of the total number in 2019. The Welsh Government say that the move will not be easy because it is about changing hearts and minds. It may not be easy but it has to be accepted because motorists do not have a right to ignore speed limits as many seem to believe that they have a right to do when they navigate our village.