So Near So Far?

Had a little smile this morning. It was six calendar months to the day, yesterday, since my second Covid vaccination, 23 April, so at the request of the nurse on the ad, I went on to the NHS ‘winter’ vaccination website and put in my NHS number. Now here is an aside, according to the pharmacist in Boots who gave me my flu vaccine, I am the first person she had vaccinated who knew their NHS number. Why did we get our flu vaccine in Boots, because it is darn sight more convenient to get an appointment with them than with our local quack. Anyway, being impressed with the efficacy of the Covid jab I am keen to get my booster, so I put my NHS number in and some other detail, not going to bore you anymore with what, and it said ‘it must be six months, 182 days, since your last jab before you can book your booster’. So I took off my shoes and socks to help count the actual days, 30 days have September, April, June and November, …. to confirm what I knew and yes it was at least 182 days, but the application advised I was not eligible. Befuddled I decided to try today. Maybe their system believes that six months ends on the anniversary day rather than the day before! Like 7 days is from Sunday to Sunday! So today on the website I put in my NHS number, blah, blah, blah, and scrolled down and it now says it must be 190 days, 6 months and one week since your last jab.

I feel like that donkey following the carrot on the end of a stick being held by his rider! Diary entry made for the 30th October.

In addition I checked on the Government’s website and they are still saying 6 months since your second jab. Right hand and left hand disconnected, perhaps.