The County Council Giveth and the County Council Taketh Away

I see from the Facebook page of the Shottisham Village Association that the ‘suspected’ ANPR Speed Detector in Sutton has been removed after a couple of weeks. I agree with the sentiment offered by the SVA that it is not sufficient time to be of much use. When the County Councillor announced that they were getting some of these in a Parish Council meeting did he say then that they would have so few that they will have such limited time in villages?

Really why make such a big thing of having these Cameras if there will be so few that they will be a bit of a damp squib when it comes to continual road safety. Its removal allows the irresponsible to ignore the terminal signs at either end of the restricted parts of our villages. This was evidenced yesterday when proceeding at around 30 mph past the spot and the next time I looked in my rear view mirror a black four by four truck was on my bumper so suspect he must have been travelling well over 40/50 mph to make up that much ground.

Don’t forget this is the same council that when the PC asked for a 20 mph limit then one of their employees said that the police will not action speeders in a 20 mph speed limit which is wrong, because we know that a senior police officer has said if it is correctly signed they will enforce 20 mph speed limits. They also said that they did not have any money, but that is their response to every thing N’est-ce pas. Had enough to extend the 20 mph limit in Codenham subsequent to this questionable advice!

Perhaps they should consider schemes to keep their rate payers safe from serious injury or death on village roads rather than wasting money on vanity projects like questionable apps that have been done before.