Bits and Bobs

Litter Pick

I have not had a walk down Hollesley Road for some time but I will get to it this week, because I need to see how much litter there is thrown in the hedge. Must be time for another litter pick now we are out of all COVID 19 restrictions. Now is the perfect time before all the bracken, grasses and brambles grow and hide the litter. April will just be too late.


I had a thought. There is a certain view without any satisfactory evidence that there is no speeding in ‘The Street’. This view is held by those people who actually do not live on the street, or walk down it. The SVA tried to get a speed watch going but to no avail. Well I have a suggestion for them. Why not buy a £240 radar device and prove that there is speeding by doing surveys using the device. There are a number of organisations and individuals who already do this. The Village Association will say they do not have any money but there are other groups and authorities that do!

The Sutton Plough

I see that the Plough are doing Sunday Lunches and I certainly will be trying one of them. There makes another pub on the Peninsula that thinks there is a market for traditional British fare.

Alderton Swan

I see that they are still working on the Swan with some of the outside paintwork removed. The owners must be spending a bit to get it up to scratch. If you view the FB Save our Swan Alderton it seems they have been beset with problems. Let us hope they can bring it to fruition and get another pub open in the area.