Public Consultation or …… (update)

Trials to create more 20 mph zones are being rolled out across Wales. Not sure who wrote the web article I was reading but perhaps they were not unbiased because the first paragraph in bold text says, paraphrased, that more than half of the people in Wales oppose cutting the speed limit. When you read down further you find that the consultation sample was self selecting and not a representative sample of the general population, because of an organised campaign.

Trouble was, to most web browsers the damage has been done because they would probably not read past the emboldened portion. It does prove that provided that your sample is selected in the way you want you can prove anything.

If you look further down in the article there are some interesting statistics. In 2020 369 pedestrians were injured in 30mph limits as opposed to 27 in 20 mph limits. There is a heading of this part of the article which says ‘Most Strongly Against’. This, perhaps, is once again designed to get the browsers who have managed to get this far to only read the heading. This section contains these paraphrased sections. It is five times more likely for people to die in a car/pedestrian collision at 31 mph than at 18.6 mph. A national survey in wales in 2020 said that 80% of adults supported a 20 mph speed limits in their area.

As usual there were a few comments of which I am citing only one. There was a person who said that driving at 20 mph in a lower gear causes more pollution. Why a national news network is allowed to quote such unfounded rubbish, even as a ‘member of the public view’, without backing this up with fact is beyond me. Have a look because there are plenty of articles which disprove this.

The National Government of Wales are complying with the World Health Organisation suggestion that where pedestrians and vehicles mix the speed limit should be 30 km (20 mph). Pity our County Council will not implement even one in this Village which has a narrow through road and no pavements. Time to think about more positive action than has been taken before.

Update:- On the ‘create more emissions at 20 than 30’ comment above, I did a very unscientific test of this very issue and with my car on the road through Bawdsey on a very quiet day. I could see no appreciable difference in MPG (using my trip which has immediate feedback using the MPG setting) and the consequent emissions when travelling at 20 mph and 30 mph.