More Bits and Bobs (Updated)

Sunday Lunch in Demand

I see that the Sutton Plough run out of Sunday Lunches. Pleased to see that they are proving popular. Never forget that to many English people the Sunday roast is sacrosanct.

As a young man I went off Sunday Lunch and for some time (not sure how long) my Sunday lunch consisted of, the staple of the roast in our house, roast beef, and what remained of the salad from Saturday tea which was also a staple. I can recall that I was back on roast on by the time I was married. There will always be a call for a proper Sunday roast. Even the Unruly Pig with all it’s fine dining accolades will offer a Sunday roast, according to it’s menus.

Outside Drinking

The Alderton Swan is building an outside bar. I did not think they had a beer garden but I could be very wrong. I will have a look the next time I go Alderton way and I will also look to see if they have finished the maintenance to the brickwork when I pass. I will update this post with the outcome.

Update:- The outside wall to the front has been painted and it looks very good. Cannot imagine it will be long before it opens looking at the pictures on the pub’s FB page, and as confirmed by WP Villages FB Page. The Swan’s FB page can be reached by searching Swan Inn Alderton.

A recent Facebook post shows that they have created some very quaint cellar doors which apparently will keep the place warmer. They have a Facebook page which I cannot get to using a Facebook name search Swan Inn Alderton, but this link will provide access

More on this as it comes.