Sausage Roll and a Tea

Went down to the Trust Hall yesterday for the plant and cake sale. It was doing good business with happy gardeners leaving with lots of plants. The two raffles and tombola were also brisk. Fortunately it was a nice day, so they were able to put tables and chairs out in the garden, which when I went down were filled to capacity.

Now, I am not a great lover of cake, so I satisfied myself with a sausage roll and a tea. The sausage roll was absolutely splendid. I am a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to sausage rolls and that was one of the best.

I do get fads for things, like when I spent some time having a scone every time I stopped off for a cup of tea, to see whose are the best in town. Notcutts’ cheese scone with onion jam would take a lot of beating.

Good time in the sun, after the almost winter weather of Thursday!!

Well done ladies. 👌