Boundary Beating

I see from the Hollesley Grapevine that their PC has arranged a session of Beating The Bounds. They will be walking the perimeter of Hollesley Lower Common replacing the Dill Heaps as they go. Not sure what a Dill Heap is and not sure if it is relevant to this blog.

Apparently the Beating of the Bounds is a pre-Norman tradition where the boundary of a Parish etc was walked by the locals with their ‘dignitaries’ to keep a view of where the precise location these boundaries existed. This quaint tradition has been rendered obsolete, because we have precise maps of these boundaries, which can be Church, Parish, Town or other civil division. The locals would swat local landmarks and it was normally walked on Rogation Sunday.

According to one local resident, this was a feature of this village. Not any more. Perhaps it is because we don’t have any dignitaries now.