Chocolate Teapot or Defibrillator Update

I would make a joke about what is less useful a chocolate teapot or a defibrillator where the code does not open the cabinet, but it is too serious. The defibrillator has been hung on the toilet block of the Sorrel Horse for a few years and at one time had the access code taped to the front. When it was required for an emergency it was found that the code did not open the cabinet and the unit from Sutton had to used. This raises a number of questions.

  • Who is the owner/custodian responsible for the machine and ensuring that it will work when required for an emergency.
  • It has been there for a few years, but has it ever been serviced or checked.
  • Have the batteries or pads been changed within the required servicing period. The life of these is between two and five years.

A defibrillator can double a person’s chance of survival and it is a comfort to see the machine on the wall as you pass the pub, but if it does not work …….

Update = Apparently the inside of the defib box has been accessed but the above questions remain unanswered and no one has commented to us.