Pétanque n’importe qui (mettre à jour)


I see that a few villagers were up on the piste weeding and raking ready for use. The rake/leveller has been fixed by another villager and although it looks the same I think it is a bit like Trigger’s broom. Project complete. Enjoy .

Talking to a couple of villagers I asked about the Pétanque piste which sits behind the Sorrel Horse and which is unused for most of the summer. There are two ‘courts’ one which is ‘finished’ and one just needs a tonne, or so, of surfacing. I understand that gravel from the size of dust to 10mm would suffice. The previous rake had a broken handle so was removed. A new landscaping rake needs to be bought unless a kind villager can supply.

Petanque is a gentle sport which can be fun. The only effort will be walking up the hill to the courts. Made more enjoyable with a pint of Wherry in hand. Perhaps Petanque and Pizza on a Saturday evening? Berets and striped jumpers optional.

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