Is There Life After Winter

After the coldest night this winter in the UK I am asking myself when is spring coming? We have not had enough snow to take a ‘winter wonderland’ photo of the Sorrel Horse pub yet. Looking at the weather forecast for the next day or so the snow is likely to be patchy when it reaches us. So good news for everyone but the camera will remain with its lens cap on.

So in these long winter days all there is to do is to dream of Spring followed by the summer opening hours of the pubs on the Peninsula. The walking boots will then get a run out (well a walkout) and we will resume our walking to ensure we make the most of the area around here, and the pubs.

So, what is your favourite walk? Ours, surprise surprise, does involve a pub. The nice thing about walking to a pub is you don’t have to leave early. If I was to have to choose a walk to do forever then it would have to be Shottisham to Ramsholt via the Woodhall Manor road and down to the Deben. Then along the River to Ramsholt Arms for soup, a roll and a cup of coffee. Then back by road passing Shottisham Hall over the hump to the Sorrel Horse for a couple of lagers. Then back to the pub for a pizza in the evening. Next favourite is over the fields from Shottisham to Hollesley for soup and a roll at the Shepherd and Dog. Then back along the roads to the Sorrel Horse for a couple of beers. Told you our walking involved pubs.

Of course in Summer the golf course will be open. A round followed by a couple of pints sitting outside the Sorrel Horse watching the world go by is a lovely way to lose a few hours. So what do we do when we are not walking. Well it is a lazy start to Saturday or Sunday followed by a short walk to the Rabbit Cafe for a bacon roll, with leaves, and a coffee. Don’t like to wish my life away but I have never done cold and snow very well. Roll on summer!!!!

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