Living Streets

This is an organisation that promotes a better walking environment and inspires people to walk more. It has existed since 1929. Makes me think of our streets and the social interaction that happens every day in our village.

On its pages it was reporting that Islington council has introduced 20 mph on its main road network in order to reduce casualties through reducing speeds to a more appropriate level on streets where people live, work and shop.

It goes on to add that Islington was the first council in the country to bring in a 20 mph limit on side roads, and is now introducing a 20 mph speed limit on all its main roads too, such as Hornsey Road and Essex Road.

Islington is of course in London and as such the roads are mainly residential and retail so a borough wide implementation of a 20 mph limit is more than acceptable.

Just an extract from our County Councils Road Safe Pages.

The Council has agreed unless in exceptional circumstances, locations will not be considered for 20mph schemes where any of the following apply: 

a) They are on A or B class roads

b) Have existing mean speeds above 30 mph

c) There is no significant community support as assessed by the local County Councillor.

This flies in the face of some other information on their website that we have previously posted.

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