It is always with hindsight that we see the errors of our past. I wonder if those who control our roads will regret not doing more to ensure that this pavement-less village is a far safer place to walk if one of our children or older resident is injured or killed by a speeding motorist.

Observation tells me that The Street suffers a number of speeding motorists every day seven days a week. I have no calibrated data which tells me they are speeding, but then no one else has any calibrated data to say they are not. The current speed limit is just too fast for this narrow thorofare. A more realistic and safer speed limit would be 20 mph.

Red Driver Risk Management insists that the England should adopt the blanket imposition of 20 mph limits on all roads that have motor vehicles mixing with cyclists and pedestrians similar to what Wales recently introduced. Of course that blanket has holes where the 30 mph limit can remain if appropriate.

Speaking to the Chairman of a local Parish Council he expressed his frustration at the attitude of the Suffolk County Council towards 20 mph limits. He stated that you need to have a certain level of accidents before they will consider a 20 mph limit. Crazy. Horse and stable door springs to mind. What about near misses. These are not recoded by the police and would not be counted.

Unless this Council and its Councillors change their very blinkered attitude to 20 mph limits then The Street will continue be a dangerous place with the likes of Clarkson and his friends ignoring the advice from the Highway Code which says, ‘adapt your driving to the appropriate type and condition of road you are on’.

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